About us

The pharmaceutical company GEA was founded in 1995 and has been successfully operating in the South Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan) in the import, distribution, and introduction of products.

The pharmaceutical company GEA provides a complete chain of services from the selection of the drug to its sale:

In-depth market analysis and selection of new products

Medicine registration

Complete logistics service and distribution – product import/export in full compliance with GDP standards

Comprehensive marketing services, the introduction of products

Pharmacovigilance (constant monitoring of drug safety and quality)



Pharmaceutical company “GEA” was founded


Pharmaceutical company “GEA” started operating in Armenia


Pharmaceutical company “GEA” started operating in Azerbaijan


The marketing department of the company was established


The pharmaceutical company “GEA” founded a pharmacy chain


The Embassy of Poland recognized “GEA” as one of the largest exporters of pharmaceutical products in Georgia


“GEA” moved to a new structural model, and the organizational structure of the company changed


The department of development of the assortment of the company was established


The construction of a warehouse conforming to international standards has been completed


“GEA” became the owner of the international quality management certificate ISO 9001:2008


The pharmaceutical company Gea was awarded the certificate of compliance with the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) standard of the wholesale distributor


Today, Gea is an official partner and distributor of more than 40 pharmaceutical factories in the Transcaucasian region

The company’s portfolio includes more than 400 of medicines, biologically active supplements, disposable surgical consumables, and cosmetics

• More than 40 partner pharmaceutical companies from 15  countries
• 400+ pharmaceutical products
• 170+ employees (marketing team in all three countries: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
• 24+ local distributors (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
• 90%+ female employees

Company Philosophy

  • “GEA” takes responsibility for patients, doctors, and all consumers who use the products it imports.
  • Honest and stable relations with partners are of the utmost importance for “GEA”
  • “GEA” aims to supply the medical field in the Transcaucasian region with products that meet the highest quality standards and improve the quality of life of the population.
  • The health of each user is of the most important for “GEA” It is aimed at maintaining consistently high-quality service. “GEA”’s highly qualified specialists constantly collect and analyze pharmacovigilance information from doctors and patients and provide this information to manufacturers.
  • “GEA” provides a safe and desirable working environment for employees and permanently takes care of their professional growth. Relations in the company are based on ethical principles
  • “GEA” ‘s constant pursuit of quality improvement allows each of its employees to be involved in continuous education and development processes, which are in full compliance with international European standards
  • “GEA” stands out for its high responsibility towards the society in which it exists and operates. The company is actively involved in social projects

Board of Directors

Irina Tchelidze

Founder of the company “GEA”; General director of the company

Khatuna Manjgaladze  (MD, PH.D)

Founder of the company “GEA”; Deputy Director, Head of Assortment Development Department

Tamar Aburjanidze

Head of the Sales and Marketing Department in Caucasus

Giorgi Chabashvili

Head of the Finance Department in Caucasus

Sofia Lomsianidze

Head of Operation and Logistic Department in Caucasus