About Company

The company GEA – one of the largest importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products in the Caucasus region. The company was founded in 1995 and has been steadily and successfully operating for 20 years.

Initially, GEA was established as a base for distribution of  European medicaments, which, at that stage, was mainly occupied with registration, import and distribution of Polish medications. GEA has been recognized by Polish Embassy as the largest exporter of Polish products in Georgia.

GEA is a dynamically developing pharmaceutical company, which is constantly expanding its range of products. Today it is an official partner and distribotor of 18 pharmaceutical manufacturers of a number of European countries (Poland, France, Finland, Italy, Germany, Canada) in the Caucasus region. The company’s portfolio unites more than 400 varieties of drugs, supplements, cosmetics and disposable surgical materials.

Since 2005, the company has been carrying out marketing activities in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and has its own representatives in these countries.

In 2008 GEA founded the pharmacy chain – “PHARMAGUIDE”, which offers a wide range of medicines, hygiene, cosmetic, mother and child care devices. With the help of professional pharmacists,  customers receive qualified consulting service in “PHARMAGUIDE”

At the end of 2013, the company once again made a full structural reorganization, which contributed to a more coordinated and effective work. A Range Development Department is created, offering a number of interesting and innovative formulas proposed to the Caucasus pharmaceutical market. In the mentioned department, Doctors of Medicine (MD) of various medical sectors, perform a constant monitoring of new achievements in modern medical treatment and medical research as well as selection of new generation medical devices.

On  26th of September, 2014  GEA was granted an international quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2008,which includes permanent quality control of the warehouse  and distribution and efficient development of work processes and resources. SAI GLOBAL-GEORGIA LTD is the company, selected for certification.

In terms of distribution, storage system is one of the most important links for the Company. Today, GEA holds a warehouse equipped according to the international standards, the construction of which was completed in March 2016.  All types of storage conditions for products are created.


Company philosophy:

GEA acknowledges and takes responsibilities for patients, doctors, and all of the customers, consuming its products.

The opinion and remark of every customer is extremely important for the Company. It is directed to maintain permanently a high quality of service. Highly qualified specialists of GEA constantly collect and review information from doctors and patients regarding pharmacovigilance and provide manufactures with the mentioned information, since the health of every patient is very significant.

GEA provides employees with a safe and desired working environment and permanently cares of their professional growth. Relationship in the company is based on ethical principles. The Company’s constant aspiration to improve the quality allows each of its employees to be involved in the continuous development process, which is fully in line with ISO standards.

It is mostly important for GEA to be in honest and stable relationship with partners.

GEA is characterized with high sense of responsibility to the community in which it exists and works and always provides customers with high quality products.

GEA introduces new innovative products in the Caucasus market. The company aim is  to supply the medical field only with the products  that meet the highest standards and improve the quality of life of the population.